Sunday, November 1, 2009

I've been meaning to post for a while. We've done a lot and I've had a lot of random thoughts that I wanted to post since July, but I always get sidetracked by Facebook or DVR instead. Sorry about that!

We had a couple whirlwind months where we went to Mackinac for a 4 day weekend, had a 5 year reunion with my MBA class in Bloomington, went to North Carolina with Steve's family for a 4 day weekend (where I really really wanted to see Dawson's Creek locations, but wasn't able to find much w/out paying for the tour), had our 1 year anniversary, and a ton of other stuff! Things are really going well with both of us - our work is keeping us busy during the week, but we're both enjoying it.

Our dog is teaching us patience and teaching us to not care about objects because they can all be chewed by a puppy. Our ottoman, bedspread, comforter, door frames, shoes, etc have not been able to escape the wrath of Alton. Last night he even barfed on our bedspread in the middle of the night - that was fun.

We put our townhouse on the market back in September. We've had a few showings (one was a 2nd) but no offers and the activity had died down to nothing now. It's kind of sad, but then again we're happy here. We just want to buy a house with a yard because now is a great time to buy. No big deal, but if you know anyone who wants a nice townhome - feel free point them in our direction :)

We're going over to my parents' for dinner tonight - we are that cool :) Have a good week, I'll do my best to post soon (at least more soon than July, sorry!).

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