Saturday, June 13, 2009

And we're off

We leave tomorrow for caravan. We dropped Alton off at my parents for the week and it's actually kind of sad being at home without him now. It's only been 3 weeks and he's already become such a big part of our lives - we spend so much time walking him and playing with him and figuring out how to get him to stop biting and eating our shoes :) I can't imagine what kids would be like - yikes!

Things are good here. Work is busy, but good - and at this point in time, I'm happy to have stuff to do and have some sense of job security. Steve's work seems to be pretty busy too - so it's a good thing :) We have our summer practically planned already. Last weekend we went to Coldplay on Friday and then Chicago for the weekend to see the US play Honduras. We got to spend some time with a friend on Saturday then had brunch with some more friends on Sunday. We also went to Ikea and I got to buy a milk frother, which I've been wanting for a while :) Steve got an espresso maker for his birthday, so I really wanted a latte!!

When we get back from Caravan, we're going to do Habitat for Humanity the next Saturday. Then we have the List's in town for the Fourth of July. Then a wedding. Then I think we MAY be free for a weekend or two, but we have a couple weddings and some family reunions, and Steve's brother Kevin is coming into town for a weekend to see Dave Matthews Band with us, and whew. It's a whirlwind. We're also trying to plan a weekend to Mackinac Island in MI in September, I think. We wanted it to be an anniversary weekend, but it says October is near the end of it's season. I don't like being cold - so Sept. will be fine :)

Ok, gotta finish up packing! Talk to you soon!

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